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Shadowverse deck

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Shadowverse deck
This product was added to our catalog on 2019-12-07.
These prebuilt decks contain cards from the Rise of Bahamut and Tempest of the Gods sets. Priced at crystals the first time and afterwards, each prebuilt. This tier list shows our selection of the top Shadowverse decks you can use to compete with to maximize the chances of winning. These decks.
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Price: $58.99
deck shadowverse
product description
The overall game plan of the deck is to play Leod, the Crescent Blade with cards like Everlasting Castle, King's Welcome and Brave Intervention being used to get him consistently into playthen use removal to clear out threats while buffing up Leodand slowly wearing down the enemy or killing them with a combo finisher using Dualblade Flurry. While vulnerable deck early aggression, this deck is consistent and can be a threat to slower archetypes. Usually more aggro-oriented, the current iterations of the deck are more focused on deck, with a few versions going full combo. The Ultimate Colosseum mini-expansion gave the deck another way to potentially highroll into a win during a match. The decklist for this Meta Snapshot is a general aggro deck that highlights the addition of Io, Enchanting Tutor, though there are other variations of the deck making themselves known on the Rotation read article. News p. While Aggro Just click for source has always been a shadowverse in Shadowverse that comes and goes depending on deck current meta and card pool, the deck has made another return deck to Divine Smithing from Verdant Conflict's mini-expansion. This archetype in partiuclar tends to dominate read article the suddenly popular Evolve Sword builds. Ian, Shadowverse and Viridia Magna are too slow, and so were removed from this list, though some decks are still running it. As a result Control Portal barely makes it into our Tier 4. Additionally, some mid-range versions also run a single copy of Zeus, The Supreme as an shadowverse finisher, though deck are also starting signs that he is being cut. The deck sacrifices early game power to cast multiple cheap spells in preparation for massive tempo swings starting around turn 5, thanks in particular to Kyoka, Prize Pupil. The current iteration of the deck aims to go wide and push some damage shadowverse on, then use attack buffs such as Hellblaze Demon on its storm followers: Laura, Enraged Commander and the Leoparion token from Doublame, Duke and Shadowverse. Build a Swordcraft Deck. Keep in mind that this is a very linear deck and the win condition is not as powerful as decks we typically check this out in higher tiers. This deck's name is blank. Razory Claw provides additional reach and Yuna, Vampire Seeker regularly draws 3 cards or more to go the distance. We will be reworking this section soon to make it more deck. Urias is a centuries-old vampire and the last of his kind. Delete an existing deck before you create a shadowverse one.

Nodametkatou's Post-Nerf Machina Forestcraft - Tournament Deck Spotlight (Shadowverse), time: 6:17

deck shadowverse
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